Trimble 4D Control Monitoring Software


Trimble 4D Control Monitoring Software


A monitoring installation lets you detect displacement or movement in natural and manmade structures. It provides the data you need to understand the speed, direction and magnitude of any motion. The software is the core of your monitoring project. It controls the measurements, manages and analyzes the data, and provides decision support.

Getting started is easy with scalable monitoring solutions from Trimble. Trimble 4D Control provides analysis and management tools to help you start small and grow. As your expertise in monitoring increases, you can easily expand from postprocessed deformation monitoring campaigns all the way to real-time systems that manage your projects and alert the operator of significant motion events.

Trimble 4D Control manages all of your sensors. It measures and stores the data according to schedules that you define. By leveraging GNSS, geotechnical sensors, and surveying instruments and tools, learn how Trimble enables geospatial professionals to customize a monitoring solution to meet the needs of even the most demanding applications.

Trimble GNSS
Trimble GNSS provides long-range accuracy and rapid update rates. Compact and rugged, the Trimble NetR9 GNSS Reference Receiver is capable of tracking all existing and planned GNSS signals. Now available in a fourth configuration, the new Trimble NetR9 Ti-M receiver is supported for real-time monitoring applications.

Trimble Seismic Systems
The data from Trimble recording instruments for hazard mitigation and earthquake research can be put directly into Trimble’s Monitoring Solution. Trimble 4D Control now supports peak acceleration using seismic hardware. This data is stored in the Monitoring database where alarming and visualization can be controlled through the web interface. 

Trimble Kestrel System
The seismogeodetic system integrates seismic recording with GNSS geodetic measurements in a single compact, ruggedized package to create high-rate (200 sps), full epoch-to-epoch measurement integrity, real-time displacement with sufficient accuracy and very low latency for infrastructure monitoring and precise scientific applications with a focus on a wide spectrum of natural hazard mitigation applications.

Trimble Total Stations

Trimble 4D Control provides support for the S7, S8 and S9 Total Stations with FineLock technology for precise monitoring of points up to 2,500 meters away with one centimeter accuracy. Designed to handle demanding jobs and difficult environments, Trimble Total Stations are ideal for engineering and monitoring applications that depend on fast, accurate measurements.

Trimble 4D Control supports a broad array of sensors, 3rd-party geotechnical and meteorological sensors.

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