Trimble UX5

Trimble UX5

The Trimble UX5 is a revolutionary UAV proudly brought to Western Australia by Haefeli Lysnar. It offers extreme durability and strength, is easily maintained, can operate in all weather conditions, has advanced control landing and most importantly, produces exceptional imagery.

Speak with Haefeli Lysnar’s experienced team today to see the Trimble UX5 in action and determine if it is the right solution for you.

Trimble UX5

More Information:

Designed to follow the latest developments in the ‘prosumer’ camera market, the Trimble UX5 ensures optimal image quality along with maximum photogrammetric accuracy. The UX5 camera has – unlike a traditional compact camera – a large imaging sensor that captures very sharp, colour-rich images, even in dark or cloudy conditions. The 16.1 MP camera and its custom optics give the UX5 the ability to capture data down to 2.4 cm resolution.


  • Simple image acquisition quality and data accuracy
  • All-terrain and all-weather performance
  • Reverse thrust for precise landings in confined spaces
  • A durable and reliable solution for intensive use
  • Full automatic Trimble Access workflows for ease-of-use and safe operation


Trimble UX5 combines an impact resistant foam structure and internal and external composite elements that give the UX5 its extreme durability and strength. Additionally, the design focus has been on delivering an easy to maintain airframe that can be renewed at users’ discretion by a plug-and-play fitting of the protected internal electronics.

All Weather Operation

The remarkable design of the Trimble UX5 ensures it can be operated nearly everywhere and in practically all weather conditions – rain, wind, desert hot or mountain cold – the Trimble UX5 will dependably gather high quality data without compromising coverage.

Complete Control

The Trimble UX5 overcomes the limitations of traditional UAV landings with the addition of an advanced control method. Based on reversed thrust, this innovative improved altitude measurement results in accurate and predictable landings. For professionals working in small areas, the landing angle and trajectory is compact and allows for landings in confined spaces.

Managing the Data

 The Trimble Business Centre Photogrammetry Module creates impressive deliverables with flights performed with the Trimble UX5. Produce point clouds, Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) models and contour maps of

the area flown. These can then be used to calculate volumes, excavation planning, drainage planning and agricultural strategies among many other functions. Trimble Business Centre also produces a scaled orthophoto of the area that can be used to plan a project, define features of interest, identify property boundaries, or show construction progress by comparing orthophotos from different times.

Trimble UX5 and Trimble Business Centre are trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited.