Western Australia is dependant on long-haul transport to keep its mining and resources industries moving. Haefeli Lysnar, as the authorised Trimble Distributor in WA, offers solutions for long haul trucking, field service management and construction logistics track, backed by the experience in managing over 1,000,000 assets globally, operating on every continent.

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Fleets of vehicles and mobile employees need solutions that track, schedule, route, communicate and respond in real time. Haefeli Lysnar can provide customised or proprietary management solutions. These geospatial solutions combine real-time GPS tracking, scheduling, dispatch, RFID, field and back-office processing, and analytics to help you deliver high-quality, on-time service while reducing costs, improving performance and increasing productivity.

These solutions empower industries of any size to optimise the management of their vehicles and drivers or mobile technicians with applications and hardware configured to your organisation’s needs, and in the huge distances involved in WA, that’s critical.