Haefeli Lysnar is proud to offer this revolutionary software from Pix4D.

Achieving better than 5cm accuracy and LiDAR-like precision just with a standard lightweight UAV and a few clicks, the Pix4D truly allows civilian UAVs to be the next-generation mapping and surveying tools.

Speak with one of our specialist team to find out if this is the right solution for you.

More Information:

Pix4D has developed Pix4UAV, a unique software package that combines thousands of aerial images taken by UAVs, into accurate 2D map and 3D models, within just a couple of clicks.

The Pix4UAV takes photogrammetry to the next level by automating the whole process, giving superior accuracy and achieving centimetre precision with lightweight UAV’s. It is available as Pix4uav Desktop, Pix4uav Rapid and Pix4uav Cloud.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unlike traditional ground surveying techniques that can take days, the Pix4UAV is able to perform within minutes.
  • No specialist is required, a Surveyor is able to simply process and visualise the results to then send to the end customer.
  • Pix4UAV turns raw aerial images into orthomosaics and DEM readable by any professional GIS package such as ESRI ArcGIS and Google Earth Enterprise.
  • Seamlessly integrates with traditional photogrammetry packages by providing outputs readable by ERDAS, SocetSet, and Inpho suites.