HLGS Task Manager

HLGS Task Manager

Coordinate, Share and Work Together

Ever lost control of a project? Had too many tasks and people to manage and control? Task Manager keeps you in the driver’s seat and more importantly, in control.

Task Manager is a web-based application developed by Haefeli Lysnar that enables users to send job requests and track the progress of their jobs from anywhere that has Internet access. This is a really useful business tool used by many of Haefeli Lysnar’s clients and by our team, of course! Call us to trial Task Manager today.

More Information:

Task Manager operates around 5 key processes for any project – create, accept, comment, follow up and report.


  • Create job requests
  • Add simple information
  • Attach files / Set due dates
  • Assign to department


  • Accept a job assigned to your department
  • Download files
  • Job information gets assigned to your account
  • Get the job done before the due date


  • Add comments for all to see
  • Discuss requirements
  • Request missing information

Follow up

  • A job stays visible to all those involved until complete
  • Alert requestor when the job is complete
  • Alert the assigned person or department if the job is not in progress as the due date approaches


  • Report completed tasks by a single user
  • Report the amount of notice given before the due date of a task from the requester
  • Report on a department’s performance