HL Drill Rig Positioning System App

HL Drill Rig Positioning System App

Safety, Speed & Accuracy

Eliminate the need for a GPS on a drill mast and increase your safety, speed and accuracy with this excellent app from Haefeli Lysnar.

This app is currently in use in the iron ore industry for exploration and drill and blast. Ask us how it can be customised to your unique work environment

For more information and to purchase, please contact Haefeli Lysnar.

More Information:

The key benefits of the HLGS Drill Rig Positioning System App are as follows.

  • Designed in the field in consultation with operators
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Quick navigation to the next drill hole
  • Eliminate the need for survey
  • Accurate patterns
  • Efficient rock fragmentation
  • Reduced re-drills and toe blasts

Risk Management

  • Wireless updating can provide redundancy checks with the surveyors on site
  • Remote access can be integrated into the system allowing monitoring of operations from a trailer or office location
  • The guidance system is tied into site control and reduces the risk of human error meaning less hands needed on site or near the rig, making the job site safer
  • HL provides the equipment, installation, training and support to keep rigs operating

Safety Improvements

  • No surveyors needed on the bench
  • Eliminates the need for mark-ups
  • Reduction in poor rock fragmentation makes for a safer blast
  • Reduced chance of missed holes, therefore preventing rushing before loading shot
  • Remote access options are available