Agisoft Photoscan Pro

Agisoft Photoscan Pro

Software sales and training support in Perth Western Australia.

Agisoft Photoscan Pro software performs photogrammetric processing of digital images. It allows the user to generate high resolution georeferenced orthophotos (up to 5 cm accuracy with GCP) and exceptionally detailed DEMs / textured polygonal models. The fully automated workflow enables a non-specialist to process thousands of aerial images on a desktop computer to produce professional class photogrammetric data.

Ask Haefeli-Lysnar how you could utilise this powerful photogrammetric software in Western Australia – we’re here to help. Phone us on 9445 8811.

More Information:

Main Features

  • Aerial and close-range triangulation
  • Point cloud generation (sparse / dense)
  • Polygonal model generation (plain / textured)
  • Setting coordinate system
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generation
  • True orthophoto generaton
  • Georeferencing using flight log and / or GCPs
  • Multispectral imagery processing
  • 4D reconstruction for dynamic scenes
  • Python scripting support