Comparing a Trimble V10 Panorama and a Panoramic Camera

Trimble V10 Imaging Rover: V10 Panoramas Compared to Panoramas Captured with Panoramic Cameras Question What are the differences between panoramas captured with the Trimble V10 rover and panoramas captured with panoramic cameras? Answer Panorama cameras are used more and more frequently in close range photogrammetry. These cameras have a number of features, including the following: […]

Using the Trimble V10 without Positions

Trimble V10 Imaging Rover: Measuring in a Local System Without Positional Information Question Can I process V10 projects without any given positional information? Answer In general, the Trimble Business Center software needs three or more control points that are well distributed in the object area in order to reference the photogrammetric model to the user […]

S Series Total Station Collimation Stylesheet

Trimble Access Software: Instrument Collimation Report Question How do I use the Instrument Collimation Report style sheet in the Trimble Access software? Answer Get the xsl stylesheet from HL firstly. The Instrument Collimation Report, created from a Trimble Access or Trimble Survey Controller job file, reports the first collimation adjustment stored in this job file. […]