Trimble MX8

Trimble MX8

The Trimble MX8 is a premium mobile spatial imaging system capturing fully synchronised, high-quality georeferenced point clouds and high-resolution imagery. The vehicle-mounted system is designed for surveyors, engineers, and geospatial professionals conducting as-built modelling, inventory, inspection, encroachment analysis, and asset management for roadways, bridges, railway, utilities and other infrastructure management.

Trimble MX8

More Information:

Trimble MX8 combined with Trimble Trident Analyst productivity software, the Trimble MX8 provides a complete survey workflow and mobile mapping system to help infrastructure managers plan, design, build and maintain modern infrastructure while maximizing safety and effectiveness.

Trimble MX8 has endless possibilities

  • Conduct projects that would be too slow, cost-prohibitive, disruptive, dangerous or simply impossible using traditional survey methods
  • Survey highways without road closures
  • Undertake huge projects with a single vehicle
  • Facilitate change analysis impossible using other technologies
  • Rapidly survey hazardous areas
  • Faster, safer project execution

The Trimble MX8 offers you:

  • Fully synchronised imagery and laser scanning collection
  • Up to 1 million points per second at highway speed
  • Precise positioning using a tightly coupled GNSS/INS (inertial) system
  • Efficiently manage terabytes of data
  • Use RTK, VRS or post processing
  • Trimble Trident software to extract survey, GIS and construction deliverables
  • 360-degree mobile dual laser scanners can collect over one million points per second.
  • Hi-Res, high-frequency digital cameras at set orientations for capturing panorama and surface imagery
  • POS LV positioning and orientation system deliver extremely fast position updates (up to 200Hz) and high accuracy results even when GNSS signals are interrupted
  • Rigidly mounted and fully calibrated pod with wide navigation and sensor base – easily installed on a variety of vehicle types
  • Trimble Trident software to extract survey, GIS and construction deliverables
  • Combined with ground control, the MX8 achieves industry leading data accuracy
  • Highly detailed 3D infrastructure geometry without gaps in a single pass from a vehicle moving at regular traffic speeds

Automated and manual feature extraction capabilities including change analysis, impossible using other technologies

Trimble MX8 and Trimble Trident are registered trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited