Mine safety in WA is paramount and Haefeli Lysnar provides the world’s leading geospatial solutions to make mine sites safer and more efficient.

Through their catalog of Trimble technology, Haefeli Lysnar offers solutions designed to improve:

  • safety for personnel on the ground and in the cab with collision avoidance systems
  • automatic stability monitoring to detect dangerous slope conditions and
  • unmanned aerial systems for terrain mapping and volumetric measurement of hazardous areas.

Phone our Perth office today to find mine surveying equipment sales and training advice information about the right mining solution for those with the job of mine surveyor and other mining professionals in the Western Australian mining industry.

More Information :

If your business is mining your efficiency will be enhanced if your remote offices and sites are connected with real-time data up-dates. At Haefeli Lysnar we can keep everyone connected with a revolutionary solution called the Trimble Connected Site.

Your machines are connected, too. So you’ll always know where they are, how they’re being used and if they’re being maintained.

It’s a solution that says if you move dirt you’ll do it faster, more cost effectively and more accurately by utilising a solution from Haefeli Lysnar.

Accurate and reliable geospatial information to improve efficiency, reduce rework, increase safety and implement autonomous technologies help mine managers reduce operating costs to meet profitability goals. Haefeli Lysnar is Western Australia’s mining geospatial expert.