Highly accurate data that you can count on is crucial to the success of any engineering project in WA. Every detail is pertinent to getting the project completed on time, safely, on budget and correctly. One inaccurate measurement could translate into expensive contract penalties. Haefeli Lysnar can provide solutions to ensure your engineering projects in WA meets the deadline safely and efficiently.

Phone us today to find out how our survey equipment sales and service centre and other geospatial solutions can help you improve efficiencies in engineering in WA.

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Our products and services can ensure that you obtain accurate positioning for all of your engineering applications, including site surveys, machine control, site stakeout, site layout, and fine grading.

Obtain the high accuracy measurements you require, streamline your workflows, improve worker safety, improve data accuracy and efficiency, eliminate post-processing work back in the office with repeatable, controlled performance solutions from Haefeli Lysnar